A Finished Microwave Popcorn Maker

I am liking the glaze on the body, not so much the lid. But I fix that next time. Also, I can fit over 1/4 of a cup of popcorn kernels in this one. Made with 3 LPs of clay. glaze is Yellow salt on top of Super T (turquoise).

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A trail of thoughts…

I have this new character in my head
That I have been trying to figure out
I call him Luke (for the moment)
he was born through a dream I had of Loki.
I was watching Loki fan vids
To get myself in the mind set to tackle Luke’s character again
When I started watching Tom Hiddleston interviews
And Jeremy Renner asked him about his costume
He obviously had a love hate relationship with that costume
The way he looked at him forcing his lips into a closed mouth smile
He went on in a smartassy kind of way to take about
How the sweat feels like swomp water.

I thought
I have been in swamp water its not all that bad
Although, I was happy to get out and clean afterward.
It was a field trip in middle school to the Swamp Stomp.
You show up in cloths you don’t care get dirty
(very Dirty)
Stomp a trail in the muddy Swamp.
The guide and our teacher told us not to help anyone get un-stuck in the mud
They would do the helping.
But I guess they forgot about the majority of the class behind
Them and went off having fun guy time, or what have you,
forgetting everyone else.

I ended up helping a lot of them
It’s hard for me to explain how I figured it out
Maybe I was destined to work with mud.
But I could get myself out without panic.
And others with out panic as well.

Soon a girl wanted me to help her
I turned to leave.
She was that girl who spread a rumor about a friend and I
Being lesbians
Her reasoning I don’t really remember
But I assure you it made no sense.
And I wanted to leave her there
But damn my conscience
Pulled at a guilty stomach
And I turned around…

Wish I could have been like Loki in that moment
And just left laughing my ass off
With a “serves you right!”

Strange where thoughts will lead.

Waiting for Life

I should read this again..and again.

Source of Inspiration

Are you bored, lonely, unhappy?
Waiting for the world to knock
on your door?
Life does not work that way.
We create our own peace
our pleasure with life
one day at a time
moment by moment.
Figure out what you like
to do, then do it.
What you don’t like to do,
stop doing it!

Help someone else
be happy,
its contagious!

Create the life you want;
you are from the Creator
born with creativity
waiting to be used.

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The Tip Of Her Tongue

She stared into his hopeful pleading eyes
As panic ran through her
after he said those three words.

“You know those words scare me.”
She said

“I know”
he said
“but it’s true.”

She looked into his eyes
She could see there was no deceit
every word he meant.
(Or he only thinks he loves me?)
She looked away from his hopeful-pleading
(But what if he changes his mind?)
She turned away completely.
(What if he’s lying?)
He followed her
(What if I just see what I want to see?).
She pushed him at arms length.
And he stayed.

She was terrified,
But she felt those words too
looking into his hopeful-pleading slowly turning sad.
She couldn’t get those words past her tongue.
They had crossed her mind so many times
but they stayed on the tip of her tongue
because with every thought
her scarred heart would twinge reminding
of the past betrayals she feared would repeat.

Her heart pumped faster
scars stinging with ever beat
as she tried to say those three words
still sitting on the edge of her tongue.
She couldn’t say it.

She grabbed his neck
Pulling him in
Kissing him with the passion of
those three words.
Now no longer
on the tip of her tongue.

by SR

FairyTale Fridays: The Lemon Tree

On the corner of a park
the old man sat.
Waiting for his lemon tree to grow
but it hadn’t rained in so long.
The world was against him or so he believed
he watered his lemon tree sapling with his tears.

“Why do you cry?” passersby would ask.

“The world is against me
for it won’t rain
and my lemon tree
won’t grow.”

“Well, here’s some water!”
They’d say enthused.
They hand him a bottle
filled to the brim.
but he refused.
Too proud to accept
what was offered
to him.

And kept crying for the
world would not send him rain.

Passersby would walk away
thinking how foolish the old man was
for thinking the world only
sends rain from the sky.

by SR

Let it go, is a statement I have heard often. Especially…

Let it go, is a statement I have often heard.
Especially after the movie frozen

Someone pisses you off
Or breaks your heart
And they say just let it go
I have said that myself to people.
And it’s unfair really
Because it’s never that easy.

It takes guts to let something go
Because you have to dive in
To its frigid existence
And like the Jain’s did to their karma
You have to burn off the sadness and anger
With writing and tears
But with the intend to get rid of it
It’s never easy

It can never just be all at once
Or you would go insane
Because you have to face the pitfalls of your own psyche
And no one wants to find out and admit to being wrong
Or imperfect. You have to except yourself for all the imperfections
For as you burn off all of your anger and sadness
All of those imperfections will come up and give you more reasons
To run and hide in whatever you can find
and sometimes you do because you can’t handle it all at once.
But the pain and anger nags under your belly and under your greeting smiles.
And soon you will go home curl up
cry and write it all out
all over again.

But months pass and you look inward and you realize its working
The sadness and anger aren’t gone but its lesser than
Before you started
and it’s wonderful
And then something bigger happens
And you don’t want to dive into that frigid hell again
But it’s the only way to truly let it go.

by SR

‘Tis Little I Could Care by Emily Dickinson

I love reading old and new poetry. It gives me new ideas.

The Bard on the Hill

…….‘Tis Little I Could Care 

‘Tis little I – could care for Pearls –
Who own the ample sea –
Or brooches – when the Emperor –
With Rubies – pelteth me – 

Or Gold – whom am the Prince of Mines –
Or Diamonds – when have I
A Diadem to fit a Dome –
Continual upon me –

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It’s the pain that’s hard to swallow
At times

Hard to wrap your heart around…
it is in a million pieces.

Hard to heal when you don’t know how
Or where to start

Which end of which crack
to begin to caulk.

Where do they go?
To many end pieces
To know where they begin
Or where they end.



I never knew how heavy nothing can be;
It pulls you down to your knees if you let it be.

Dreaming of the future, hoping it’s true.
Yearning for the past, not to infect the new.