Fairytale Friday; The Beast Within

The first time I saw him
Oh, his high cheek bones
The liquid blue eyes
his skin like white silk.
How he touched me
the way I have always dreamed.
Oh, how his glaring want for me…
made me feel small and tall all at the same time.
Oh, how it all felt so real.

One day his touch felt cold.
I lay my hand on his,
I felt stiff fur
under my fingers.
I looked
To see the one I loved
in a grey haired Beast suite.
I thought that’s what it was
I willed…
“It’s just a phase.”

But it would never fade
Only when I looked away
were he the one
I fell in love with
A beast dressed in human skin.
Sadly they don’t
react kindly
to cages that change.
So I set him free
as well as me
but did I?
It seemed so sad
“Why couldn’t I except him?”

Then one day I looked in the mirror
I saw for the first time
I too am a beast dressed
in human skin
My hair was short and white
Were his was long and grey.
It would have never of worked anyway.
I need to find one dressed in human skin
With the same beast as mine within.

By -SR-


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