Fairytale Fridays: Scarred Eyes

Years of horrors
This solider had seen
had scarred his eyes.
Years of what he has heard
had scarred his ears.

It didn’t matter
what you said or did
You were wrong,
You were mean,
You were the enemy.

No one understood
why he would bristle
but it was his scar tissue.
It would warp the visual of you
into the enemy, he always knew.
No use in explaining
his ears would morph
your words too.

Many would react in hurt
and push or shoo him away.
Would only make his scar tissue

But he had a few friends
who understood his
scar tissue,
but for only
a year or two.
He blamed them all
for he was alone.
So he looked inward
to find there never was room
for them
for he never was alone.
He had been keeping
those scars for company
all along.

By -SR-


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