Chapbook:More Than What You See- Reading/Welcome To My World

Wa-eel-kuh-uh-um tuh-ooo mmm-ahheee wah-oh-er-el-duh

Ss-uh-mm pee-puh-el duh-oh-en-Te en-oh huh-ow huh-aw-er-deh eh-tuh eh-ss te-ooo buh-eee

Ss-uh-mm pee-puh-el thee-en-kuh ahee geh-uh-s-te ss-wah-eh-chuh
ehl-eh-tuh-er-ss uh-er-ow-en-duh, oh-er wah-en ahee tuh-ah-kuh fuh-or-eh-ve-er tuh-oo duh-oo Ss-uh-mm-theh-en-geh, oh-er tuh-oo er-ee-duh Ss-uh-mm-theh-en-geh, oh-er ss-AAA Ss-uh-mm-theh-en-geh oh-er duh-oh-en-Te uh-en-duh-er-ss-AAA-en-duh AAA wuh-er-duh th-AAA sss-AAA.
Ahee AAHH-mm puh-ehl-eh-en-geh wah-eh-th th-eh-mm, oh-er geh-uh-s-te

Ss-uh-mm pee-puh-el duh-oh-en-Te en-oh wah-te duh-eiah-ss-ehl-eh-ex-ee-ah eh-ss
thee-en-kuh eh-te-ss aaa-en-oh-th-er mmm-ah-er-kuh oh-en th-uh sss-peh-eh-kuh-te-eruh-mm oh-ff aw-te-eh-ss-mmm
Aaa-en-duh te-er-ee-tuh mm-eee ehl-eh-kuh ahee AAA-mmm th-er-eee
Buh-eee-kuh-aw-sss oh-ff eh-Te

Ss-uh-mm pee-puh-el thee-en-kuh th-AAA en-oh eh-ve-er-ee-th-eh-engeh ah-buh-oh-uh-te duh-eiah-ss-ehl-eh-ex-ee-ah buh-te
Uh’ehl-tuh-mm-eh-te-uh-ehl-ee en-oh en-uh-th-eh-en-geh AAA-enduh te-ee-tuh mmm-eee
El-ahee-kuh ahee AAA-mm ss-te-uh-pee-eh-duh en-ee-wah-eee

Ahee buh-eh-te eh-ff Ss-uh-mm pee-puh-el wah-uh-ehl-deh er-ee-ehl-eee tuh-er-ahee-duh te-ooo er-ee-duh th-uh puh—oh-eh-mm buh-ee-fuh-oh-er,
eh-te-ss ahh-ehl-er-eh-deh-eee sss-ow-en-deh-eh-duh ow-te ff-oh-er yuh-ooo,
yuh-ooo kuh-ow-ehl-deh uh-en-duh-er-ss-AAA-en-duh eh-tuh
eh-en-deh mm-eee

Wa-eel-kuh-uh-um tuh-ooo mmm-ahheee wah-oh-er-el-duh…

Welcome To My World
Some people don’t know how hard it is to be me.

Some people think I just switch
letters around, or when I take forever to do something or read something,
or say something, or don’t understand a word they say
I am playing with them or just

Some people don’t know what dyslexia is,
think it’s another mark on the spectrum of autism
and treat me like I am three
because of it.

Some people think they know everything about dyslexia, but
ultimately they know nothing and treat me
like I am stupid anyway.

I bet if some people would really try to read the poem before,
(It’s already sounded out for you)
you could understand it,
and me.

Welcome to my world…


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