FairyTale Fridays: The Lemon Tree

On the corner of a park
the old man sat.
Waiting for his lemon tree to grow
but it hadn’t rained in so long.
The world was against him or so he believed
he watered his lemon tree sapling with his tears.

“Why do you cry?” passersby would ask.

“The world is against me
for it won’t rain
and my lemon tree
won’t grow.”

“Well, here’s some water!”
They’d say enthused.
They hand him a bottle
filled to the brim.
but he refused.
Too proud to accept
what was offered
to him.

And kept crying for the
world would not send him rain.

Passersby would walk away
thinking how foolish the old man was
for thinking the world only
sends rain from the sky.

by SR


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