The Tip Of Her Tongue

She stared into his hopeful pleading eyes
As panic ran through her
after he said those three words.

“You know those words scare me.”
She said

“I know”
he said
“but it’s true.”

She looked into his eyes
She could see there was no deceit
every word he meant.
(Or he only thinks he loves me?)
She looked away from his hopeful-pleading
(But what if he changes his mind?)
She turned away completely.
(What if he’s lying?)
He followed her
(What if I just see what I want to see?).
She pushed him at arms length.
And he stayed.

She was terrified,
But she felt those words too
looking into his hopeful-pleading slowly turning sad.
She couldn’t get those words past her tongue.
They had crossed her mind so many times
but they stayed on the tip of her tongue
because with every thought
her scarred heart would twinge reminding
of the past betrayals she feared would repeat.

Her heart pumped faster
scars stinging with ever beat
as she tried to say those three words
still sitting on the edge of her tongue.
She couldn’t say it.

She grabbed his neck
Pulling him in
Kissing him with the passion of
those three words.
Now no longer
on the tip of her tongue.

by SR


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