A trail of thoughts…

I have this new character in my head
That I have been trying to figure out
I call him Luke (for the moment)
he was born through a dream I had of Loki.
I was watching Loki fan vids
To get myself in the mind set to tackle Luke’s character again
When I started watching Tom Hiddleston interviews
And Jeremy Renner asked him about his costume
He obviously had a love hate relationship with that costume
The way he looked at him forcing his lips into a closed mouth smile
He went on in a smartassy kind of way to take about
How the sweat feels like swomp water.

I thought
I have been in swamp water its not all that bad
Although, I was happy to get out and clean afterward.
It was a field trip in middle school to the Swamp Stomp.
You show up in cloths you don’t care get dirty
(very Dirty)
Stomp a trail in the muddy Swamp.
The guide and our teacher told us not to help anyone get un-stuck in the mud
They would do the helping.
But I guess they forgot about the majority of the class behind
Them and went off having fun guy time, or what have you,
forgetting everyone else.

I ended up helping a lot of them
It’s hard for me to explain how I figured it out
Maybe I was destined to work with mud.
But I could get myself out without panic.
And others with out panic as well.

Soon a girl wanted me to help her
I turned to leave.
She was that girl who spread a rumor about a friend and I
Being lesbians
Her reasoning I don’t really remember
But I assure you it made no sense.
And I wanted to leave her there
But damn my conscience
Pulled at a guilty stomach
And I turned around…

Wish I could have been like Loki in that moment
And just left laughing my ass off
With a “serves you right!”

Strange where thoughts will lead.


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