Chapbook:More Than What You See- High School

It’s tough in school
but not just because
Of homework or school work.

It can be tough
with friends,
mostly new friends…

Once I was talking to a new friend
online. I was having “girl issues”
and was complaining about this
throughout the majority of the conversation.

They were horrible.
I was doubled over,
painkiller wasn’t working.

She didn’t want to talk about it.
“My friends and I don’t talk about cramps.”

“Really?! I thought every girl
talked to their girl friends
about this stuff?”

“No, they don’t talk about that stuff…”

“Okay,” I said
and we went on to talk about something else.
It wasn’t until we signed off
that I realized something.

But first there is something
you need to know about dyslexics.
Sometimes we see what we think we wrote
not what we actually wrote.

After she signed off that filter was gone
and I realized I forgot the “m” in “cramps”

Even when she wrote back to me
“My friends and I don’t talk about craps.”
I still didn’t see it.
I put my face in my hands
embarrassed but laughing.
I went to school the next day
and had to tell her that I was dyslexic.
I was nervous not sure how
she was going to react.
Will she think I am stupid?
Will she stop talking to me
because I am different?
Will she decide to jump on fresh meat
and tease me?
She did none of the above
but I wish I could have pulled
the Jedi Mind Wave
and make her believe “cramps”
is what I really said.

by SR

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