Fairytale Fridays: Out of Darkness

Her innocence taken by one
she trusted and loved

The darkness came, sealing her mouth shut.
A black mist followed her around.
Leading her into the same situation
Over and over again.
She didn’t want to,
but knew of nothing else.

She had not seen the mist that hung around
Her, calling this situations to her… and it…
Only waiting for the right moment…

Years had past and still not a word spoken
Of her innocence taken, or a word…
When what little innocence she
recovered was taken
Again, by the love of her life.
Silence was her tell
But no one knew

Every time her small voice
Uttered a sound,
The mist grew larger

Her true self revealed
To friends, to loved
ones, to everyone…
thwarted, and still…
The mist grew larger

She secluded herself
from everyone
and everything
even herself
The mist grew larger

It inundated her life
And the dark mist
consumed her

She screamed at the top of
her lungs and for the first time
as it cascaded out of her mouth.
She, and everyone else,
saw the darkness


I will be posting another fairy tale poem next week, I hope. Still working on it. Sorry it has been a while.


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