Fairytale Fridays: Shadow

The lanterns flame
Flickered in the grip of a shaking hand
Of a young boy.
Standing in the front yard
Of the old haunted manor
He turned to leave
“A Dare is a Dare.”
His friends sneered
slowly he turned back
To see a shadow man
Pointing away from the manor
he screamed
he swung the lantern in front.
It was just his own shadow.
His daring friends howled.
“Afraid of his own shadow!”

The boy rolled his eyes,
took a breath
to steady his hand
and walked in.

The boards creaked in the still air,
“Shhh.” The boy whispered
To the boards.
“There was no one here.”
He whispered to reassure
“But why do I feel like I am being watched?
It’s just my friends playing with me, right?”

The boards creaked but not by his feet
To the left of him and then the right.
He looked around
Only ever seeing his shadow
Stop that.” He hissed at his shadow
In a whisper slithered “Sorry.”
He turned
“Who said that!”
Same whisper answered
“I did” from behind him.
He slowly turn to see
his shadow waving,
then it pointed to the only door.


More creaking of the boards began
Like moths to the flame
Something in the dark was coming.

He screamed running where his shadow showed
But he lost his light and his shadow.
Sight only found in the moonlit window.
The whisper of his shadow
slithered through the air.
“I have the light
But you’re out of sight.”
The boy wanted to leave;
the creaking in the dark,
and his shadow.
But couldn’t see
Save the moon through the window
Stretched only a few feet in front of him.
Before it hit pitch
He realized
he needed the light.
He needed his shadow
to see.

“Follow the sound of my voice.”
He screamed not even thinking.

The creaking steps
into the moonlight
He could see
All were creatures
Who haunted his dreams.
Noshing teeth
And tapping claws
And glowing eyes
Yearning for the flesh
They had sought for
His whole life.

His shadow came
With the small flame.
Light the wick.
His shadow rose behind him quick
bigger and scarier than any
creature from childhood dreams.
They all disappeared.

His shadow and he got away.
That young boy
got new friends
But was never afraid
of his shadow again.

by SR
Happy Halloween


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