Chapbook:More Than What You See- Go Right…

…You say to me,
and you have plunged me
into the deepest part
of the bluest sea
and I can’t see a light
to the right
my only horizon,

but I dare not say
that I don’t know,
for the water is made
of the tears of their laughter.
I must rattle my brain to think

Left… right

Tap right…Tap left

Shake my head
That’s not right

Left…. right

I screwed it up again.

I shake my head and
I repeat it over and over
as the tears from their laughter
began to warm the sea around me,
I try to ignore
and think, for the quicker I remember
which is right, the quicker
my ears become deaf to their laughter.
I repeat it again
and this time I got it right.
Laughter doesn’t ever silence until after
they are done prodding “took you long
enough”… “was that so hard.”
they say as they
wipe their tears away.


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