Nov, 18 1:48 and i don’t want to go to sleep…

There are many reasons running through my mind
to distract from the real reason
I don’t want to go to sleep.
This morning I had dreams of things that scare me.
One telling me I will be bankrupt, or something like that
Another showing me getting a job as a florist
getting kidnapped while walking to my new job and sold into prostitution …and the last one
Someone told me I was going to die…
Yeah, I think I am going to stay awake for a little while.
Wasn’t until now that I realize how freaked I was about them.
Even though I understand that I will be going in a new direction in my life is what the last one means, supposedly. I didn’t need someone telling me I am going to die to know that… but for my psyche’s piece of mind I think I will stay awake for a while…



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