Chapbook:More Than What You See-Massage Therapy: II

My summer professor,

and the supervising professor,

standing behind her,

tested my knowledge after

nearly 2 years.

It was almost done

but the emotions

did not want to meet my brain.

Tears threatened at the edge of my lids.

I hear nothing from her moving lips.

I am dead weight in the mud of my limitations

and because of this, I can’t explain any of this away.

The words met my ears

but the process could go no farther

to answer her question.

“Never amount to anything…

you stupid-weird-learning-disabled-

freak” my insecurities spat.

I tried not to panic in the face of

my professor’s pleading look

and the supervisor’s smugness aimed at her back.

When I couldn’t answer

my professor’s face fell.

The supervisor took me

Into the hallway and said

“You passed this test by the skin of your teeth,

Maybe you should find some other major.”

I walked away as the walls crumbled

underneath their disapproving stares.

I failed everyone and… myself

and it sickened me to my core.

Truth was, I wanted to help people

but I didn’t want to touch

naked people for the rest of my life.

What else can I do?

Psychology intrigues me

as much as the classes scare me.

I can wrap my mind around it all now,

massage included.

I just needed time.

If only I knew that then.



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Unedited: Gluttony

I look down at my plate, having eaten all I took from you.
You, that lay before me on a silver platter.
I survey you. For more is what I desire.
I’d ask for more, but you deny me.
I’d steal more, but you catch me.

But I want you to fill me up and over flow
My plate with your flesh and bone in side me.
I fear it will not be enough and
One day, I’ll reach for a platter vacant of you.


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Chapbook: More Than What You See-Massage Therapy

At the time, I couldn’t wrap my mind around it
but I was depressed.
I could barely think to do laundry,
shower, or take care of my pets yet alone do
all the reading-writing classes I didn’t know I would have.
“Students said, you smell like an animal.”
A peer told the supervising professor…
to stay close as I massaged her
afraid I would hurt her again.
The first I had heard about it.
She said it…like I wasn’t there.

I was the one that no one wanted
to be partnered with and talked about
behind my back because I stunk
at everything.


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