I find it a little strange…

…that two years in a row around the same time
I am in my house because it is F@#ing cold outside.
A friend of mine posted on FB what the temp was at 8:30 AM -6F (-21C) with a wind chill of -26F (-32C).

Now, I live in Indiana USA the weather here is always weird and crazy, but this is not normal for us. I think back to something I heard on NPR (National Public Radio), and someone (a scientist, I believe) said that it wasn’t really global warming that it was more like global weirding. i.e. winters will get worse, and summer will get hotter, and more weather will start showing up in places it doesn’t typically. Like snow in Texas and Arizona, (I have heard of it happening every once in a while, but it’s two years in a row probably more now). Temperatures would fluctuate from day to day that has always happened, but it’s weirder now. I have heard of global warming or weirding for sometime and I always try to keep myself from falling in with the crowd but the weather now (and last year) has giving me more evidence that I am collecting with my own experience to say this is not good.

I mean, just after Christmas and even before it was jumping from the 30s to almost 50 (or higher I think) within a day, or a night. Also, in November we had a foot of snow out of no where it melted and we were fine until now…

I find it kind of weird that within days I am in my house because the overall temp and the wind-chill are negative. so, I have to say that I am 90% to 95% sure that global weirding exists and it is happening before our eyes…

(anyway, I am sick and will write more on this later..)



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