Chapbook:More Than What You See-Miss-Heard

One day I came out of my room
exhausted from all that was happening.
I saw my mother sitting on the couch
but my stepfather wasn’t around.

“Where is Bruce?” I asked.

She told me and
I shook my head in shock

She said it again.
“He went to the pawn shop
to get an oboe.”

I breathed in relief.
“I thought you said
‘he went to the porn shop
to get an elbow.'”

and we both burst out in laughter.
My mother looked at me when she could
manage to talk a little and said, “an elbow?!”
then doubled over in laugher again.

I shrugged with my hands up,
“Well, it works doesn’t it
‘elbow’ ‘oboe’ what’s the diff.”
I said, sarcastic.
We laughed again.

Sometime after my mother’s laughter
died down and I was laughing
off and on
Bruce walked in,

“Oh, lets tell him!”
I said excitedly.

But before we could say a word
Bruce said, “Better selection there
than anything I found on the internet.”

Before my mother could fully comprehend
what he said. I was on the kitchen
floor laughing my ass off again.
My mother, followed suit.
I knew I didn’t miss-hear that.


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