Chapbook:More Than What You See-Psychology Drain

I stare at a piece of paper
and pin pen willing myself to pick it up
but I cannot.

I can barely think, let alone write.
I love psych-call-ah-gee
I find it fas-a-nat-ing
but the classes take
so much of my energy.
I would have been done
with the story
I have had in my mind
since I was fifteen.
If I could funk-shun
but I can’t. I am pleeding pleading
to whatever God is listing listening
to help me pass my classes.
I can’t fail this major like the last.
I don’t know if my pride
can handle that so I push on
past my writing and through
the muddy brick
that splits my head in twine
because I need to pass my glasses classes.

I stare at a plank blank document
To write a paper; the cursor flashing,
what else can I do?


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