#Fairytalefriday: Welcome, to the World of Walls #poetry

A high school boy
Laid in bed his worrying
Keeping his heavy eyes
From staying shut.
He asked her out.
But she hadn’t answered…
He had a test tomorrow.
He felt unprepared
Despite his hours of study.
What if she says no.
Instead of the ceiling of his room
Pitch black surrounded him
he was no longer laying but standing
Panic rippled through him.
He turned
he could make out in the dark
Walls surrounded him.
He turned and turned.
Until he found a threshold
with a curved top
That read
Welcome to the World of Walls
“I suppose I finally fell asleep.”
He said to the air.
He looked at the threshold.
An idea to walk in fluttered
to the forefront of his mind.
But he hesitated,
Then he thought
It was only a dream..
So, he walked in
As he did, he said to the air,
“What’s the worst that could—.”
He tripped
He got up and laughed.
Then tripped again.
He got up and tripped again.
By the fifth trip, he began to see through the dark
What he was tripping over,
They were little boulders.
Now that he knew, he could dodge them with ease.
But soon these boulders got taller and wider.
Soon they became one big wall altogether.
The back of his mind began to wonder,
As he stared at the wall,
whether this really was a dream.
Unlike any dream, he ever had.
But he forgot that thought
When he saw a path to climb the wall.
When he reached the top
he couldn’t see were to drop
So he closed his eyes
and after a long time
He jumped

He stopped hard and quick for it was only
a few inches fall.
“Okay?” he said aloud.
He stopped for a second as his eyes adjusted to the dark.
There were more little boulders scattered.
He avoided them when he could,
but some tripped him up as they should.
Bigger ones came and he dodged them as he moved.
But soon another wall stood in his way.
It was all most the same but had irregular stones,
better to hold.
He climbed to the top as before.
He jumped
Just a few inches fall.

He walked forward.
Getting better at avoiding the little
And big boulders he moved faster.
Almost running. Until.
He balked when he came to another wall.
The stones were jagged.
He climbed it anyway.
Thinking it was the same.
Thinking it would be easier than before.
But the jagged stones cut his hands as he climbed.
The pain forced his pause so many times
He lost his grip and fell down to the ground.
He waited for his hands to heal
And climbed again.
And fell.
And tried again.
And fell.
He stopped
And began to pace in front of it.
Trying to gather his courage
and plan of attack.
When he noticed, there were other walls flanking it.
They were easier to climb, so he began to ascend.
He climbed until he was even with the top of the jagged wall.
The flanking walls went on and on, they had no end.
So, he climbed on top of his wall.
As jagged as it was,
As painful as it was.
And he happily, triumphantly,
Jumped off of it.

But this time it was not a few inches fall
he fell forever, it seemed
Before he crashed
At the bottom.

When he healed, he walked away.
But it was harder to see through the dark this time.
He kept tripping on these little boulders
As they got bigger, he could see them better.
They were as jagged as the wall he thought he left behind.
Not like the ones before.
He dodged the ones he could,
and bled from the ones he couldn’t.
Until he came to the same wall as before.
As jagged, if not, more.
He dodged this one like he did the last.
And fell for what seemed like forever.
Like he did the last.
He came to that same wall
Over and over.
Until he realized he had no choice.
He had to climb the jagged wall.

He paced, to gather his courage.
When he realized there was no courage
he was gaining, just a delay in the pain
he remembered all too well.

He took a breath,
And started to climb.
He stopped.
The pain was greater than before
But he couldn’t go back.
So, he sat on a jagged stone
big enough to hold him.
Then started to climb again.
Then sit.
Until he reached the top.
It felt like years.
Now he was a little paranoid
What if he fell forever like before.
all of this pain would be wasted
So he waited
For what seemed like years.
But when he closed his eyes
And finally leaped
it was just a few inches fall.

He felt like he grew.
And ran faster into the forest of boulders
He dodged them all better than before.
No matter how jagged,
It was never easy,
But he had done it before.

The alarm for school went off.
He got up, got dressed.
and stressed over everything
like any other day.
He took the test
And he passed
Her answer he knew…
She said no.

At the end of the day
He laid in his bed
Thinking of the answer she gave.
All the courage it took to ask…
And how her answer made
His stomach drop…

He realized,

The test was another stone.
She was another wall.
His stomach dropping,
was just him jumping,
With just a few inches fall



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