Girls will be ladies

Boys will be boys
Girls will be ladies
Boys and girl both see
where the divide lies.
Boys see women scolded for
tanks and skinny jeans,
Girls see men unscathed for crud
Words and lewd behavior,
Boy and girl subconsciously understand
What “boys will be boys” really means
Men get away with childish things.
A Lady gets away with no such thing,
Men are boys with a job, a family
and no emotion to speak of
Lady has a responsibility
To children, to home, to husband
no dreams, no job, no lewd behavior,
because girls will be ladies,
Boys will be boys
Not boys and girls
Grow to
Be good human beings
When no one would compromise
Their morality, or health
By never expressing any emotion or
Act in a lewd manner
Lets all forget
Boys will be boys
And girls will be ladies
Lets strive to be good human beings
So we can behave and teach
the same to our future children.

-Silvaan Ruth


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