Grow your own veggies at home.

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I screwed up today! MPM


I went to a show to sell some pottery and some one bought a Microwave Popcorn Maker. I was so happy, so excited


When I got home, four hours later, I realized I completely forgot to put the instructions in the bag.

So if you see this and you where at The River Park Christmas Market and bought the Microwave Popcorn Maker above, please email me so I can send you the recipe and I am so sorry.

-Face Palm-

Thank you!

Silvaan Ruth


Coloring: Marker addition


For a while I liked the markers more then the colored pencils but the bleeding into each other got to me after a while, so I like the pencils more now.

On another note: I will be posting some more of my pots soon. I would post more poetry but bigger stories have caught my attention more then anything else when I get the bug to write.

See you later

Silvaan Ruth


Coloring with my left hand


This one was colored by my left hand.

Why? long story short. When I was born the nerves in my left arm were damaged so as I grew up I used my right hand even though I was suppose to be left handed. A few years ago I injury my right hand making it hard to throw pottery. So, when I taught myself to throw left hand I found out all of the stuff I just told you – along with the realization I am better making pottery when I throw with my left hand.


I have been trying to write with my left hand but it is a difficult (as you can imagine) to control the pencil so I thought a few nights ago that coloring might be a good place to start (trust me I color rather slow so I can keep in the lines, it doesn’t happen all the time.)

See you later

P.S. it looks a lot better in this picture. :-/

Silvaan Ruth


Another Adult coloring.

IMG_20151208_230001 (1)

I finished this one last night. Also colored another with my left hand. Post that one tomorrow if I can. 😀 see you later

Thank you.

Silvaan Ruth



Awkward Girls Who Want Boyfriends Will Understand These 10 Thoughts All Too Well

I laughed out loud.

Silvaan Ruth



14 Psychologists Tell the Most Profoud Thing Say to Them By a Client.

I love these.

Article: 7 Unexpected Things that Happen When Adults Start to Color.

I think a lot of people need to start coloring.


Silvaan Ruth