Today is a good day (I hope)

I quit my job. There was many reasons why. But the one reason that pushed me over the edge is something I can’t prove.

Some one I worked with would bully me, do anything to make herself feel like the top dog and me the shit on the bottom of her shoe. However, when I found my bag had been stabbed repeatedly with a box cutter I called who mattered and quit.

(take that bitch)1111


Now I am teaching a few ceramic classes at a place I have been wanting to work at for some time. I do my first class tomorrow I am not that nervous…I am not sure if that should worry me or not.

But I am hoping that things will look up from here on. Cause for a while I was busting my ass for 7.25 an hour just to come home not be able to do any of my other work like writing my story or throwing pottery. Speaking of which I need a kiln. I hope these classes work out so I can get one soon.

I also have an idea for a class.

Splat Therapy

Frustrating week at work and you want to blow off some steam. Come on down smash some pots freshly thrown by me. You want to take a whirl at it too be my guest. No matter what I will be there to help you throw pots on the wheel or some one to vent too while you smash pots with a Splat! Come on Down, We’re all mad here!

Sounds cool uh! I think I will use a version of that to advertise

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Tool to release depression and suicidal thoughts.

This is an article that I believe many should read. I hope many can use this advice.

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Article: 7 Unexpected Things that Happen When Adults Start to Color.

I think a lot of people need to start coloring.


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New Tea Lights

I am going to be selling my work at a local market and these are some of the new tea lights that will be there. Nervous, and hopeful that things go well. Hope all is well with everyone. It has been a while since I have been posting here. Hopefully, I will be posting more with you all. 😀

-thank you-
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Poem From MTWYS: Fourth Grade Evaluation


Fourth Grade Evaluation

I remember bits and pieces of it.
The pattern she showed me,
I could not decipher then,
now has faded completely.

What I remember the most
was how my mother fished for
more of an answer than just,
“I am a ‘learning disability.’”
I remember how the woman answered

voice rushed as if, overheard,
she would be fired.
“Twenty years ago your daughter
would be severely dyslexic.”

Now I’m weirder than ever.
Now I’m a stupid girl with a fancy label.
I am in this world where I am weird,
created for the teasing of my peers.

I don’t want to be weird.
I want to be me, but
who am I at this desk
if not a weird dyslexic?
My mother however, told me when I asked,
“What does ‘dyslexic’

“It means you have to be
really smart to be dyslexic.”
She said.

Sadly, the good things said
are often drowned out by the bad…

for I was a Learning Disability
to everyone who taught me.
“Hopeless”, they thought as they threw out
my test scores to make their
school look smarter.

Thrown into a room with two others
that knew no other label. Really,
just a learning disability?

Pulled out of class
to do work with the Special teacher…
Now I am special? Another way of saying
now I am a weird-stupid-learning-disability.

Another would tell my mother I was…”So severe”
that I would never learn to write or read.

Never amount to anything…
you stupid-weird-learning-disabled-
freak…is all I heard.

By Silvaan Ruth

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Very helpful! So nice to see this in words.