I am trying something new

I was going to start a new Blog and/or etsy but I have decided to start something new but using a name I have always had… my own!  Ingenious right!

I have started a Redbubble account where I can share my drawings of Vampire Bunnies and my Frog character parodies and you can look and buy them on other useful things while still owning and enjoying art.

Here is the link for you to look at them if you like http://www.redbubble.com/people/silvaanruthart

They all have a little story with them if you like to know what that story is click on the link above and go exploring…


Thank you

Silvaan Ruth


New Tea Lights

I am going to be selling my work at a local market and these are some of the new tea lights that will be there. Nervous, and hopeful that things go well. Hope all is well with everyone. It has been a while since I have been posting here. Hopefully, I will be posting more with you all. 😀

-thank you-
Sivaan Ruth




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#loki as a frog BE HOLD, FROKI!!!!!!


It’s by birthday and I’ll draw Froki I want to, Froki if i want to…. everyone sing (because this has been stuck in my head for days now the Loki me wants you suffer with me. lol)

Fairytale Fridays: Shadow

The lanterns flame
Flickered in the grip of a shaking hand
Of a young boy.
Standing in the front yard
Of the old haunted manor
He turned to leave
“A Dare is a Dare.”
His friends sneered
slowly he turned back
To see a shadow man
Pointing away from the manor
he screamed
he swung the lantern in front.
It was just his own shadow.
His daring friends howled.
“Afraid of his own shadow!”

The boy rolled his eyes,
took a breath
to steady his hand
and walked in.

The boards creaked in the still air,
“Shhh.” The boy whispered
To the boards.
“There was no one here.”
He whispered to reassure
“But why do I feel like I am being watched?
It’s just my friends playing with me, right?”

The boards creaked but not by his feet
To the left of him and then the right.
He looked around
Only ever seeing his shadow
Stop that.” He hissed at his shadow
In a whisper slithered “Sorry.”
He turned
“Who said that!”
Same whisper answered
“I did” from behind him.
He slowly turn to see
his shadow waving,
then it pointed to the only door.


More creaking of the boards began
Like moths to the flame
Something in the dark was coming.

He screamed running where his shadow showed
But he lost his light and his shadow.
Sight only found in the moonlit window.
The whisper of his shadow
slithered through the air.
“I have the light
But you’re out of sight.”
The boy wanted to leave;
the creaking in the dark,
and his shadow.
But couldn’t see
Save the moon through the window
Stretched only a few feet in front of him.
Before it hit pitch
He realized
he needed the light.
He needed his shadow
to see.

“Follow the sound of my voice.”
He screamed not even thinking.

The creaking steps
into the moonlight
He could see
All were creatures
Who haunted his dreams.
Noshing teeth
And tapping claws
And glowing eyes
Yearning for the flesh
They had sought for
His whole life.

His shadow came
With the small flame.
Light the wick.
His shadow rose behind him quick
bigger and scarier than any
creature from childhood dreams.
They all disappeared.

His shadow and he got away.
That young boy
got new friends
But was never afraid
of his shadow again.

by SR
Happy Halloween

I am amazed how fast some people can read…

I gave a story I Wrote to someone to read for me and she loved it, but she told me half a minute or minute after I sent it to her. I always think “Are you sure you read that? I mean, are you sure it’s ‘great’ if you read it that fast? Maybe you missed something?”
Now granted, the story isn’t very long, I always say to myself “You’re dyslexic not everyone reads like you.” but still sends me for a loop every time.

If you’re curious about the story I sent her, it’s a Halloween story, so you will read it next Friday and tell me what you thinking of it then. 😀

Fairytale Fridays: Out of Darkness

Her innocence taken by one
she trusted and loved

The darkness came, sealing her mouth shut.
A black mist followed her around.
Leading her into the same situation
Over and over again.
She didn’t want to,
but knew of nothing else.

She had not seen the mist that hung around
Her, calling this situations to her… and it…
Only waiting for the right moment…

Years had past and still not a word spoken
Of her innocence taken, or a word…
When what little innocence she
recovered was taken
Again, by the love of her life.
Silence was her tell
But no one knew

Every time her small voice
Uttered a sound,
The mist grew larger

Her true self revealed
To friends, to loved
ones, to everyone…
thwarted, and still…
The mist grew larger

She secluded herself
from everyone
and everything
even herself
The mist grew larger

It inundated her life
And the dark mist
consumed her

She screamed at the top of
her lungs and for the first time
as it cascaded out of her mouth.
She, and everyone else,
saw the darkness


I will be posting another fairy tale poem next week, I hope. Still working on it. Sorry it has been a while.