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I have started something a little new.


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Gotta Love Bruce Lee



Silvaan Ruth

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Something a little new.

I have an Instagram account and I am posting progress of my pottery and stuff like that on it.

look it up if you’re interested, silvaanruthpottery

I have been working on some writing stuff too but non of that is ready yet!

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Working on new Designs of Microwave Popcorn Maker’s


In this picture it was my first little variation of a MPM. The others with holes on the bottom are planters.


This is another evolution.


The same one as before just with screwy handles.

Thank you

-Silvaan Ruth-

Mug Shot Monday


This is my moms favorite mug I call it Mother’s Comfort Mug, posting for Monday mug shot. I love the shape and its very good hate keeping coffee hot longer.

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Frog Parodies from Redbubble

I personally like the stickers and notebook’s and here is one of them

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