Stickers of Vampire Bunnies

Stickers of the Vampire Bunnys. The story of them is slowly unfolding as I post more.



I am trying something new

I was going to start a new Blog and/or etsy but I have decided to start something new but using a name I have always had… my own!  Ingenious right!

I have started a Redbubble account where I can share my drawings of Vampire Bunnies and my Frog character parodies and you can look and buy them on other useful things while still owning and enjoying art.

Here is the link for you to look at them if you like

They all have a little story with them if you like to know what that story is click on the link above and go exploring…


Thank you

Silvaan Ruth

Trying something new

I have started to upload some of my drawings in Redbubble. A site were you can put your art on various everyday useful things and people can buy it if they wish.

Here is a sample of what I uploaded

I find myself going back into writing and getting ideas for more ink drawings and I thought what better to help me out and be silly and make money(hopefully).

thank you

see ya later

Silvaan Ruth

Poem From MTWYS: Fourth Grade Evaluation


Fourth Grade Evaluation

I remember bits and pieces of it.
The pattern she showed me,
I could not decipher then,
now has faded completely.

What I remember the most
was how my mother fished for
more of an answer than just,
“I am a ‘learning disability.’”
I remember how the woman answered

voice rushed as if, overheard,
she would be fired.
“Twenty years ago your daughter
would be severely dyslexic.”

Now I’m weirder than ever.
Now I’m a stupid girl with a fancy label.
I am in this world where I am weird,
created for the teasing of my peers.

I don’t want to be weird.
I want to be me, but
who am I at this desk
if not a weird dyslexic?
My mother however, told me when I asked,
“What does ‘dyslexic’

“It means you have to be
really smart to be dyslexic.”
She said.

Sadly, the good things said
are often drowned out by the bad…

for I was a Learning Disability
to everyone who taught me.
“Hopeless”, they thought as they threw out
my test scores to make their
school look smarter.

Thrown into a room with two others
that knew no other label. Really,
just a learning disability?

Pulled out of class
to do work with the Special teacher…
Now I am special? Another way of saying
now I am a weird-stupid-learning-disability.

Another would tell my mother I was…”So severe”
that I would never learn to write or read.

Never amount to anything…
you stupid-weird-learning-disabled-
freak…is all I heard.

By Silvaan Ruth

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My Dog Widget 1999-2015

Widgysnow Photo1062 Photo0976 Photo0958 Photo0894

In September I had an awful choice to make. My cute loveable dog could no longer walk, couldn’t see well and couldn’t hear well either. Still saddens me when I think about it (part of the reason it took be a while to share). I hope he is running to his hearts content and chasing animals that taste like bacon. 😀

He loved snow and I always called him my speckled pup.

love you Widgy



Sorry, for not posting much I have just not been in the mind to write. My dyslexia is reeking havoc with my brain lately. A lot of it because I am stressed and not getting a lot of sleep. I am worried about my dog. He is 15 and very old. I believe he is dying. Seems to be having some kind of seizures or something. It involves coughing, falling over and crying or screaming. But after a little rest he seems fine. A bit subdued but alright. I just keep waiting for him to start coughing again.

Every night I pray that he passes in his sleep if he does die.
And every morning I am afraid I will find him dead.

I wonder if we should put him down
then I think it wrong to decide when he dies.