Some new kinds of pots

These guys are a collaboration with my mother. It’s a Comfort Mug and a ShotGoblet.

they are awesome if I do say so myself.

thank you



Working on new Designs of Microwave Popcorn Maker’s


In this picture it was my first little variation of a MPM. The others with holes on the bottom are planters.


This is another evolution.


The same one as before just with screwy handles.

Thank you

-Silvaan Ruth-

I have a facebook Page!

Yup I did it again. I have made a FB page called Silvaan Ruth Pottery.

I have other pages but in a few months I will be deleting those, I just don’t use them.

link on it if you all I will put the other link below as I have been doing

Thank you

Silvaan Ruth

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My poetry Pages


Chapbook: More Than What You See poems of dyslexia

Love/Betrayal/Anything Else

Thank you!


Other tea light designs.

I fired these already just waiting to see what happens after glaze fire. I fear they maybe to small to fit over a tea light candle once everything is said and done but we shall see.

A butter crock/bell

IMG_1841 IMG_1843

My third attempt at making butter bells. I have a small one I am debating on keeping or reconstituting not sure yet.

Here it is.IMG_1839

Not sure I like the shape.

Another microwave Popcorn maker I am hoping to be making a lot more of them.

IMG_1830 IMG_1822 IMG_1824 IMG_1826

Mugs, Bowl, and Popcorn Maker


I can’t wait to play with some glazes with these. The clay is White stoneware.

Homemade Deodorant Jar


Sorry its been a while since I have posted any pottery. I got catch up in life lately.
This is a prototype made out of porcelain. The lid doesn’t fit that well, but I am thinking of firing it anyway, to play with glazes. 😀


Two Popcorn Maker’s I sold! YAY

The one thing people love about them is you can pop the kernels with WATER! No joke