I am amazed how fast some people can read…

I gave a story I Wrote to someone to read for me and she loved it, but she told me half a minute or minute after I sent it to her. I always think “Are you sure you read that? I mean, are you sure it’s ‘great’ if you read it that fast? Maybe you missed something?”
Now granted, the story isn’t very long, I always say to myself “You’re dyslexic not everyone reads like you.” but still sends me for a loop every time.

If you’re curious about the story I sent her, it’s a Halloween story, so you will read it next Friday and tell me what you thinking of it then. 😀


Pottery; Microwave Popcorn Maker

This is a Microwave popcorn maker. Made of ceramic by me. It is a prototype that I have been using it works well. Popcorn is fluffy… and you put melted butter and salt it to taste. Wonderful! Hopefully, I will be making more of them and bigger too.