Something new and going to stay

After years of struggle and back and forth I have accepted that I am a writer. I have started a Patreon page to help in this endeavor. Her is a little video of me tell a little of my story. You can click the link in the description of the video to read more or click the link of my Patreon page just under this video. Thank you. Now I have some stories to write!



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I have started something a little new.


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Gotta Love Bruce Lee



Silvaan Ruth

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We are stronger…


If only there means of keeping us dumb wasn’t working.

Silvaan Ruth

Potsandpoetry blog

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Something a little new.

I have an Instagram account and I am posting progress of my pottery and stuff like that on it.

look it up if you’re interested, silvaanruthpottery

I have been working on some writing stuff too but non of that is ready yet!

Thank You!


Working on new Designs of Microwave Popcorn Maker’s


In this picture it was my first little variation of a MPM. The others with holes on the bottom are planters.


This is another evolution.


The same one as before just with screwy handles.

Thank you

-Silvaan Ruth-

Thinking of something new.

It has crossed my mind many times to put pictures with my stories. However I am not that much of illustrating artist. (lack of patience and will to do so) I have been thinking of doing this with another artist. but still thinking of who could help or what story I could go with.

Anyway, I have started a new page on facebook, Silvaan Ruth Pottery. I have quit my job and decided to go for it, going to be doing more shows I hope.

What makes life sucky is not doing what you love.

Thank you