Witch at the Senate’s Door Step

This is a new story I wrote venting my frustration at the government. The videos are a little long, but I hope you will take the time to watch them when you are able on my YouTube channel… silvaan ruth pottery and prose

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Me reading my poetry

This is a series of 7 poems with a bonus story at the end, about how I used Loki to get better sex out of The Fifth. The fifth is in reference to my last and fifth boyfriend.

I had been consumed by this past relationship for a few months now. So much so, I had to stop all my writing, and other creative endeavors, to get this out of me and out of the way of everything else. So here is the youtube link to all of the videos. click the youtube bottom to get to all of them or click the 1/8 in the upper left corner.

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-Silvaan Ruth-

Fairytale Fridays: The Running Girl

Amy was a horrible, awful, evil
Human being.
Or so she was told
by everyone, she knew.

She had a dog that loved her
But everyone had a dog.
Everyone loved their’s.
But she didn’t.
Could never understand what
it was barking about.
She would go through the motions
Of feeding and walking it,
But it would still go on barking.

One day,
when walking her annoying
Needy dog.
she found others.
They didn’t have dogs
from what she could see.
Because they were runners.

“My God, you’re beautiful.”
the leader of the runners
said as he smiled.
There was something about the way
the corners of his mouth creased his cheeks
that made her knees quake.
She didn’t think
About how all of them
She just grabbed his hand
And began to run.

She ran where ever they went.
No matter what she thought or felt.
She ran over mountains,
And rickety bridges,
Along edges of cliffs.
Always holding on to his hand.

Soon she was so far away
she knew nothing, not even her name,
but, the man’s hand in hers,
and the name he gave her, “the running girl.”
She wasn’t a horrible, awful, evil human-being,
she was his beautiful running girl.

One day, she tripped.
She thought he would be there
To help her up.
But he didn’t stop, or look back
as she landed on the ground.
He grabbed the hand of another
and kept running. The rest ran over, or around her.
They never looked back as they kept on running.
Clutching who or what they hold dear in their hands.
She yelled as they ran, trying to crawl back to him.
But they all laugh with the man
that let go of her hand.
As the sounds of their running disappeared
Others reemerged from behind her.
They jumped over her.
She looked where they landed
It was their dogs
Still following
and waiting.
Except for hers
Her dog was gone.
She wept for no one wanted her
not even her own dog.

No telling how long it took for her to hear
the panting that was right next to her.
She looked. Her dog was sitting there
Waiting for her to notice.

She wept with joy.
The dog nuzzled its nose under her chin,
lifting her up.
“I am so sorry!”
She sobbed into her dog’s fur.
Hugging the dog for dear life.
Breathing heavily. In a panic
“I don’t know what to do.
He left me!”

The dog presented its back.
She climbed on, and her dog
slowly walked her
back home
she dreaded it
and she missed the man that left.

After a good cry, she realized,
even though, she hated this dog
and ran away from it,
it still loved her
enough to follow her.
So from that day on
she took better care of her dog.
She laughed with it
And played with it
And forgive it.
And every time
she held the hand of a man.
She would always make sure,
her dog was right by her.

by -SR-