Witch at the Senate’s Door Step

This is a new story I wrote venting my frustration at the government. The videos are a little long, but I hope you will take the time to watch them when you are able on my YouTube channel… silvaan ruth pottery and prose

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Me reading my poetry

This is a series of 7 poems with a bonus story at the end, about how I used Loki to get better sex out of The Fifth. The fifth is in reference to my last and fifth boyfriend.

I had been consumed by this past relationship for a few months now. So much so, I had to stop all my writing, and other creative endeavors, to get this out of me and out of the way of everything else. So here is the youtube link to all of the videos. click the youtube bottom to get to all of them or click the 1/8 in the upper left corner.

thank you

-Silvaan Ruth-

Trying vlogs now!


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Something new and going to stay

After years of struggle and back and forth I have accepted that I am a writer. I have started a Patreon page to help in this endeavor. Her is a little video of me tell a little of my story. You can click the link in the description of the video to read more or click the link of my Patreon page just under this video. Thank you. Now I have some stories to write!



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I love this it is so true! hard to do but true.

Updates: Confusion and Questions

desertI have made a lot of pottery lately. More than I thought I would and I destroyed far more of them then I wanted too.

I have written a few things as well. Getting out frustration more than anything.

A lot of things are running through my head and I don’t really know what to do with myself. Or how to answer my own questions.

If I should move to Portland Oregon?

or just travel like I have always wanted to do. people watch and write.

the problem I find with the first is I don’t want to do what I am doing now just in another place . personally I would like to just do art. throw my pottery and write and live doing so.

what would be good is I could get around a little easier then where I am because I don’t drive. Portland in one of the better places in the U.S. for public transportation.

The problem with the second is as much as I want to write I find I need pottery its the yang to my yin. With that said if I travel to write it would be hard to do my yang because pottery seems to be a very stationary thing. but it has crossed my mind to travel to one place and the next throwing pottery at one community studio at another.

But then I would have to sell my work some how.

but if I could travel I would like to go to the British isles.

I have a friend that lived in Ireland for a while and told me to go to Galway, Ireland. I think it would be so fun to go there. A long time ago I thought of travelling even though I really had no money (still don’t). but I found a little ceramic place and it was fun to look things up and plan it all out but there was never a chance I could do it.

well I am hoping to get my etsy set up again.

I was planning on changing my name again but not sure how or if I should.

Anyway I am rambling now.

talk to you all later.

Silvaan Ruth