My Dog Widget 1999-2015

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In September I had an awful choice to make. My cute loveable dog could no longer walk, couldn’t see well and couldn’t hear well either. Still saddens me when I think about it (part of the reason it took be a while to share). I hope he is running to his hearts content and chasing animals that taste like bacon. 😀

He loved snow and I always called him my speckled pup.

love you Widgy




Sorry, for not posting much I have just not been in the mind to write. My dyslexia is reeking havoc with my brain lately. A lot of it because I am stressed and not getting a lot of sleep. I am worried about my dog. He is 15 and very old. I believe he is dying. Seems to be having some kind of seizures or something. It involves coughing, falling over and crying or screaming. But after a little rest he seems fine. A bit subdued but alright. I just keep waiting for him to start coughing again.

Every night I pray that he passes in his sleep if he does die.
And every morning I am afraid I will find him dead.

I wonder if we should put him down
then I think it wrong to decide when he dies.