Me reading my poetry

This is a series of 7 poems with a bonus story at the end, about how I used Loki to get better sex out of The Fifth. The fifth is in reference to my last and fifth boyfriend.

I had been consumed by this past relationship for a few months now. So much so, I had to stop all my writing, and other creative endeavors, to get this out of me and out of the way of everything else. So here is the youtube link to all of the videos. click the youtube bottom to get to all of them or click the 1/8 in the upper left corner.

thank you

-Silvaan Ruth-


Little poem: Second hand Guinness

What is Second hand Guinness?
It’s when you prefer the taste
On the lips
of the man
That just took a sip
Of his Guinness.

by Silvaan Ruth

ThrowbackThursday :old poem- I Want Him

I want him to dig
his fingertips up
my inner thighs.
Until he meets the right spot,
rocking his fingers against it
with just the right tension. For

I want him to sweep
me off my feet
fighting, biting, and
giggling the whole way down.
Until tired of stalling,
I let him in,
gasping. For

I want him to explore
every crevice with a
reckless ambition.
Until screaming to the
twilighted heavens.
For all the right reasons,
losing all my senses. For

If he can consume me
body and soul
My want for him
Will devour him.

-Silvaan Ruth-