Cleaning studio

Before on bottom & after is on top. 

I have been doing alot of cleaning all over the house a big part of my cleaning has been my studio.

See you later.



work in progress; glazing


This is want glaze looks like before it is fired. The pink looking one is yellow salt and the green is Super T. It may be out and fired by next week.

But here is one I have had fired already with this combination.




Tools for pottery


This is a rib a more traditional tool for pottery. Used for shaping pots (and saving them from a terrible case of the wobbly rims. hehe)


These are kitchen tools I found at a thrift store for a $1.36 for all of them. Kitchen section any where is a good place to find weird things to create interesting textures or patterns on the clay body. Well, hopefully. I am not sure what the white one on the far left is for in the kitchen or for pottery but I will do some playing and find out what I can do with it in pottery. 😀