I am amazed how fast some people can read…

I gave a story I Wrote to someone to read for me and she loved it, but she told me half a minute or minute after I sent it to her. I always think “Are you sure you read that? I mean, are you sure it’s ‘great’ if you read it that fast? Maybe you missed something?”
Now granted, the story isn’t very long, I always say to myself “You’re dyslexic not everyone reads like you.” but still sends me for a loop every time.

If you’re curious about the story I sent her, it’s a Halloween story, so you will read it next Friday and tell me what you thinking of it then. 😀


Another ShotGoblet

I like the glaze on this one. It’s the same glaze as the last one I posted. Yellow salt on Super T.







No Handle ShotGoblet

Sometimes it’s a better idea to not put a handle on them so I don’t end up ruining the whole thing. This is one of them. The glaze is yellow salt on a brown-ish color that I can’t spell. I make them in too pieces and then put them together.






At home care; Facial Treatment

Facial treatment is a scrub and toner (with a moisturizer at the end but I can’t find a cheap homemade so that’s store bought), The scrub is green tea with sugar, little raw apple cider vinegar. The toner is 3 parts green tea and raw apple cider vinegar as a toner (a whole cup in the end).

It works well. But I can’t wait for this purging period to go away. That’s what happens with raw apple cider vinegar, because it brings out the deeper acne so you can actually get rid of it. Which is a good thing, but the deep stuff hurts and I have done this off and on because I have just been bad, but lately I have been really trying to do it every morning and night but sometimes that doesn’t work so at least twice a day. But it’s better than anything else I have tried. I think the reason way, because I am sensitive to artificial chemicals and stuff like that.

What I like about the green tea sugar scrub is. I can put it on scrub it in of course and then just leave it and it will be dry and become it own mask too, which is nice. The only down side to the scrub is it can get everywhere, but its easy to clean so no biggie.

Thank you for reading
My off the top of me head post today


Pottery; Microwave Popcorn Maker

This is a Microwave popcorn maker. Made of ceramic by me. It is a prototype that I have been using it works well. Popcorn is fluffy… and you put melted butter and salt it to taste. Wonderful! Hopefully, I will be making more of them and bigger too.





Some of my Pottery: ShotGoblet



How to use it? Well, Where the cup and steam meet will allow you to decide how much rum or other liquor you want in your drink. Then fill it with your soda or what have you and there you go.