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They all walk into a coffee shop…


It would be nice if our beliefs would be our own. We can share if other’s ask but not force them to convert just because they asked or for they’re difference in beliefs.

Silvaan Ruth

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Today is a good day (I hope)

I quit my job. There was many reasons why. But the one reason that pushed me over the edge is something I can’t prove.

Some one I worked with would bully me, do anything to make herself feel like the top dog and me the shit on the bottom of her shoe. However, when I found my bag had been stabbed repeatedly with a box cutter I called who mattered and quit.

(take that bitch)1111


Now I am teaching a few ceramic classes at a place I have been wanting to work at for some time. I do my first class tomorrow I am not that nervous…I am not sure if that should worry me or not.

But I am hoping that things will look up from here on. Cause for a while I was busting my ass for 7.25 an hour just to come home not be able to do any of my other work like writing my story or throwing pottery. Speaking of which I need a kiln. I hope these classes work out so I can get one soon.

I also have an idea for a class.

Splat Therapy

Frustrating week at work and you want to blow off some steam. Come on down smash some pots freshly thrown by me. You want to take a whirl at it too be my guest. No matter what I will be there to help you throw pots on the wheel or some one to vent too while you smash pots with a Splat! Come on Down, We’re all mad here!

Sounds cool uh! I think I will use a version of that to advertise

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More Than What You See: The Process: II

It can be hard
when I am nervous.
My heart feels like
it will break my chest
and I can barely think
until a little chuckle
passes through their lips.
When I can utter
a few funny words
I can relax
my beating heart
a little bit.

It is harder when I am angry.
I don’t remember how it came about
but I remember how angry I was when he talked about
going out with me because I was dyslexic, “Who else would?”
A storm in the shape of my torso whirled
inside me but I said I was “fine”.
unable to put words to the storm
until pen hit paper with a vengeance
and I could say, “I don’t need your pity”.

Harder still when I am frightened.
Twice the same boy I barely knew
wrapped his hands around my wrists
trying to pull me on to the floor to dance.
First time I shook my head
and I said nothing.
My fist firmly clenched
my dead weight pulling,
is what saved me.

The second time.
Next to the boyfriend above
I pulled away not saying anything,
my boyfriend doing nothing but laughing
Only when I was able to utter “no”
through the fearful restriction in my throat
did he stop him, still laughing
Should have left that boyfriend then.

Months later I did leave him.
But the emotions whirling
with the slow processing
didn’t help quicken my leaving.

by -SR-