Working on new Designs of Microwave Popcorn Maker’s


In this picture it was my first little variation of a MPM. The others with holes on the bottom are planters.


This is another evolution.


The same one as before just with screwy handles.

Thank you

-Silvaan Ruth-


One of two orchid planters that were commissioned.

Hello again
This is made of porcelain, at the moment it is 7X7.
The black swirls are not glaze or slip of any kind it is acrylic paint that will burn off in the kiln. (So why did you use it?) To give me a guide while I punch the holes in to get the desired design.

Silvaan Ruth

WIN_20151102_16_02_50_Pro (2)




I am trying to write a story for the first time in poems no prose just a story It’s harder than I thought. It’s like I have to teach myself to write like myself again. Weird. I feel like I started writing for the first time.

-Silvaan Ruth-

Microwave Popcorn maker in progress

This one has a different knob- I did that on purpose. 😉
I cleaned up the decorative steam holes all up after I took these. I am hoping the patron I am doing this for likes them. Fingers crossed.




work in progress; glazing


This is want glaze looks like before it is fired. The pink looking one is yellow salt and the green is Super T. It may be out and fired by next week.

But here is one I have had fired already with this combination.